TECCO PPM225 Pastell Matt

TECCO PPM225 Pastell Matt

Premium white matte paper for prints with warm tones

Matt paper in discreet pastel that provides an expressive background for patterns with high artistic requirements. It is suitable for black and white photos, but also for high quality products, such as wish books, individual menus, invitations, etc. PPM225 paper contains a very low percentage of optical brighteners, giving it an authentic and natural as well as a long-lasting, high quality appearance.

Weight: 225 g / qmm
Thickness: 250 µ
Opacity: & gt; 98%


TECCO PPM225 is available in sheets and rolls.
Sheets: A4, A3 +, A2
Rolls: 43.2cm, 61.0cm, 111.8cm, 127.0cm, 152.4cm X 25m

icc profiles : https://www.tecco.de/support/rgb-icc-profiles/

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