In the beginning…

Kabanaos Company was founded in 1965 by Alexander Kabanaos and was active in the field of photography equipment and mainly in the retail photography channel.
Initially the company supplied the retail photography shop channel only with professional oriented products and specifically with printing paper and chemicals.
In 1975 Dimitrios Kabanaos joined forces with Nikolaos Kabanaos; the result was the formation of Fotoflex LTD. That year was a turning point towards products other than professionally oriented. Therefore collaborations were made with some of the great manufacturers of that era, such as Voigtlander and RolleiFlex, and as a result company included in its portfolio of products photographic cameras of the highest quality.
The new collaborations in combination with the growth of the product portfolio of Fotoflex and the yearning of its founders quickly sanctioned Fotoflex as one of the first companies with total coverage to the photography shop channel.
The first company’s coherence, customer and market orientation were the foundation on which the next generation based the long term growth plan.

Our mission
Kabanaos S.A.’s goal is to cover the photographic market’s needs in the local and global business environment, with products of high savvy value and an excellent value over cost ratio. For this purpose, the company always researches the business environment in order to diagnose and exploit the business opportunities in due time, aiming to cover the various market niches, thus providing total customer solutions.

Our Aims
• Total coverage of our customer’s needs,
• Our customer’s satisfaction,
• The continuous growth of our product portfolio with quality products,
• The constant training of our staff
• Our staff satisfaction.

Human Resources
Within its Mission and Values the company has developed and operates a strict model of staff and non-staff members in order to coordinate the entirety of its human resources and to fully achieve the goals of the company.
Today, the company’s human resources consist of sixteen members which are distributed in the following departments, as follows:
The average age of the company’s staff is less than 40 years old, whilst the average time of the staff working with the company is about 12 years, showing not only the degree in which the company emphasizes the satisfaction of its human resources but also its trustiness to young people, giving them the space to develop and grow themselves not only professionally, but in their personal lives as well.

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