TECCO PPG250 Pearl Gloss Super

TECCO PPG250 Pearl Gloss Super

Natural white portrait paper with pearl finish

This natural white photo paper in pearl finish is the ideal surface for many different fields of application, both at home and for professional use. With a low percentage of optical brighteners and the typical look and feel of photo paper, they make it ideal not only for all types of portraits and wedding photos, but also for landscape photos, black and white photos and even large posters.

Weight: 248 g / qmm
Thickness: 265 µ
Opacity: 94%


The TECCO PPG250 is available in rolls.
Rolls: 43.2cm, 61.0cm, 1.118cm, 127.0cm, 152.4cm, X 30m

icc profiles : https://www.tecco.de/support/rgb-icc-profiles/

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