ECONOMY Matt polyester canvas 280gsm

ECONOMY Matt polyester canvas 280gsm

Polyester Matt Canvas, single sided coating, with natural back. This canvas is especially ideal for presenting graphic images, art and photo reproduction. Due to the flexible coating and the polyester surface, it can be easily stretched with minimal “breaks”. Bright colors, large color space and black. Water-based inks (Pigment) / dye are highly recommended for long-term applications.


  • 100% Polyester woven canvas surface
  • Aqueous pigment and dye ink compatible
  • OBA free
  • Water resistant coating
  • Excellent colour gamut
  • Easy to stretch



  • Photographic limited and open edition prints
  • Stretched canvases and gallery wraps
Basic Weight (gsm) 280gsm
Canvas Thickness (Microns) 280μ  
Base Material 600*600D Polyester
Coating Type Polyester Matte and waterproof
Ink Type Aqueous (Pigment and Dye)
Surface Texture Canvas – Woven
Whiteness (CIE) 95
Brightness (TAPPI) 93
OBA Content No
pH 7.5-9.5
Recyclable Yes
Print Settings* MK ink
Rolls (30m)  44″/111.8cm, 24″/61,00cm, 17″/43,2cm
Feature 1) High intensity, good tensile strength without breaks,great flexibility. 2) Clean and smooth surface, good ink absorption. 3) Waterproof, UV resistant, good weather capacity,can be used outdoors, long-term maintenance with unchanged performance.
Suitable Printers  All well known printers, Epson, Canon, HP

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