Tesuki Echizen Warm 110

ILFORD GALERIE Tesuki-Washi EchiZen Warmtone 110 is true handmade Japanese Washi based fine art paper. The Echizen
area, which produces base paper, has a washi history in 1500 years. The washi is carefully produced handmade and one by
one it is valued by many artists for its Quality and usage for their art work. Tesuki-Washi EchiZen Warmtone 110 can perform
deep black and warm white inkjet printing with a natural handmade texture, by ILFORD’s original coating.
A 1 + and A3+ size has deckle edges on all four sides.


True hand made Japanese paper
Composed of a mixture of Kozo 40% and hemp 60% fibers
Unique textured surface
Especially suitable for monochrome photos
Tesuki-Washi EchiZen Warmtone 110 is a natural product and therefore can contain organic containments,
These “impurities” vary from paper to paper and can affect the printing result.

Designed for use with both desktop and wide format inkjet printer systems using either aqueous dye or pigment inks
from major manufacturers.

Weight 110gsm
Opacity >90%
Caliper 290µm (11 .4mil)
Tint 93,2 1 0.4 1 8.5
OBA Content No
Acid Free Yes
Additional Information As such the specifications listed are designed to act as a general product guideline only.

Finished prints should be interleaved and stored carefully to prevent scratching. FineArt paper prints are typically more delicate
than conventional resin coated (RC) papers such as Pearl, Glossy, Lustre surfaces and should be handled with additional care.
Before printing please check that there are no loose paper fibres or debris on the media surface as this may lead to print errors.
As with any FineArt media using raw paper it is possible that some debris may exist.
ILFORD have taken great care to ensure that in general our papers are free from loose paper fibres, but please check before
you make the final print. Cotton gloves are recommended to avoid contaminants getting onto the surface.

lt is recommended that you store your paper in the original product packaging/boxes. Products must be stored in a cool,
dry environment away from direct sunlight. Optimal storage and Operating conditions are 15-25°C, 35-65% relative
humidity, non-condensing.

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