Perfect photo backpack for photographers and video filmers who usually take a great choice of gear with them.

Also ideal for dust-free storage of the equipment at home. Very convenient: the quick-access from the top.

Durable Polyester outer material, Waterproof zippers at the main compartments, Fully variable Softline photo interior with quick access from the top, Separate, padded laptop compartment, Spacious extra compartments for any kind of accessories, 2 lateral loops for tripods, Comfortable back rest with adjustable carrying & hip straps,

Dust & rain protection cover.

Outer dimension width approx. [cm] 23 cm
Outer dimension height approx. [cm] 51 cm
Outer dimension length max. [cm] 36 cm
Inner dimension width max. approx. [cm] 15 cm
Inner dimension height max. [cm] 46 cm
Inner dimension length max. [cm] 29 cm
Bag type Photo Backpack
Bag capacity flash 2 Camera flash
Bag capacity camera Medium or large SLR camera
Bag capacity lens various lenses
Strap type Comfort padding for backpack belts and hip belt
Zipper Waterproof
Tablet-/Laptop compartment 15″
Weight approx. [g] 2100 g
No. 464080

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